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Missee Nelligan

Writer & Photographer.


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Missee Nelligan has written three books:

Smile For You

Don't Stop

You Are Your Happiness

She has combined all three books into

"It's All Connected"

by adding a few extra poems this combination makes for the perfect gift, or even a coffee table book.

A book with beautiful photography and beautiful words to touch your heart, mind and soul.

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With the love of photography. A love to write what I see.

The encouragement from a friend to write a book just seemed out of the question. 

Yet after a few attempts, the reality is, that it can be done with the right people behind you, and your own confidence.

I love what jumps out of my mind and onto paper. Sometimes the timings are not perfect, but the finished product is worth it.

There is so much beauty around us in nature, buildings, and people. How often do we actually stop to see what is passing us by? How often do we pass by an area or building and not actually notice it? What about ourselves, how often do we not see what we have within, or even see the beauty we have?

Can you look in the mirror and see yourself? Try it, even tell yourself how wonderful you are.

In The Press
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Bursts of inspiration, or poetry.

Click the link above, for a list of easy listening Podcasts to start or end your day.

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In the Press

Missee Nelligan’s caring and loving personality is brought out in her book and intends to help her readers get through the life they have now because of the mental and emotional impact that the pandemic has brought us.

The Universal Breakthrough Magazine

"It's All Connected" is a truly memorable experience that shouldn't be missed. This book perfectly embodies everything that Missee Nelligan wants to share with the reader and with everyone else. The brilliant and touching poems within the book serve as gentle reminders of the things we should aim for happiness, kindness, joy, and self-love.

The Universal Breakthrough Magazine

Congratulations on making it to the TOP 6 in the Literary Editor's Choice Award

The Universal Breakthrough Magazine

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